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Empowering Auto Entrepreneurs: Your Personal Roadmap to Success with Talyer Mentor

Leverage our wealth of experience and dedication to crafting customized strategies that help every aspiring automotive business owner thrive. At, we're committed to guiding you through the challenges and opportunities unique to your journey, ensuring you reach new heights of success in the automotive industry.


Empowering Automotive Entrepreneurs: Expert Guidance for Success in the Auto Service Industry

Mark Saberola, also known as Talyer Mentor, is a seasoned automotive after-sales expert with a passion for helping entrepreneurs thrive in the auto servicing industry. With a diverse background spanning roles at Ford Motor Company, founding the successful franchising business ValuePlus, and co-founding the innovative online platform AutoServed, Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the table.

His expertise includes business development, marketing, managing automotive service centers, distribution center management, parts analysis, sales forecasting, and supply chain and logistics management. As a dedicated mentor, consultant, and business coach, Mark is committed to guiding aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesses alike in achieving their goals and driving success in the auto servicing industry.

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